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Welcome to Evergreen Micronutrients Pvt. Ltd. – a company that produces Multi-micronutrient fertilizers and plant growth promoters (PGP) that help the crops to deliver highest quality yields. The company was started by Mr. Chandan Shah in the year 1991 with the aim to reduce deficiencies in the crops by making primary & secondary nutrients available to them and providing them with a wholesome diet, thereby enhancing their nutritional value and making the crops resistant to diseases.



Evergreen Micronutrients was started with the sole purpose to benefit the farmer community and create a positive impact on the consumers of agricultural products around the globe. We are immensely pleased with the progress the company has made so far and are sure that we would continue to live by our purpose till eternity.

Our Products


AGROMAX is the brand of Evergreen Micronutrients Pvt Ltd that includes a wide range of micronutrients and plant growth promoter products. Every product has stood the test of time and has helped several farmers maximize their return on investment of their time, sweat and money. Evergreen continues to enhance these products from time-to-time to ensure better quality yield.


seeds seeds-verticals

In the year 2014, Evergreen ventured into the business of hybrid seeds by acquiring the Angel Seeds company – a company that produced hybrid seeds since 2005.

foods foods-verticals

Evergreen manufactures the best variety of Chocolates ideal for gifting purposes under the brand name of R Chocolatiers. The entire development and packaging.

naturals naturals-verticals

Evergreen provides most natural products including pulses, grains, flours, spices, etc. from a company based out of Gurgaon. These products are 100% organically.



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